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Capital of Finance

As Northern Europe’s leading financial center, how can Stockholm strengthen its position and continue thriving in an ever-changing financial landscape? Through our new initiative ”Capital of Finance”, we will explore this question and more.  

Stockholm as a financial center

Over a series of seminars as part of ”Capital of Finance” we will examine the value and opportunity a thriving financial center and financial services sector has in Stockholm. These events, held at our venue in downtown Stockholm during 2023, will provide a strategic setting to discuss the current and future state of our capital as a leading financial center. 

The infrastructure of Stockholm’s financial services industry has previously been a key factor in making Sweden an attractive market and competitive home ground for international businesses. Facilitating a dynamic ecosystem and creating an even stronger financial center benefits not only the city but the capital region and country. 

New challenges ahead

Current world events and looming challenges of different kinds force all markets to adapt. An ever-changing financial landscape, threats to global trade structures, new regulations, and a much-needed green transition are all factors to consider in order to thrive. 

What is Stockholm’s role and position as the financial capital of Northern Europe? What are the key factors that have allowed Stockholm to produce some of the world’s largest fintech unicorns? How does the financial market benefit the country’s business climate as a whole? How do we facilitate a thriving business climate and strong economy to ensure that Stockholm strengthens its position in the European and global arena? 

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s overarching goal is to make the Stockholm region Europe’s number one capital. To reach that goal, we need to continue to be the capital of finance. 

What is ”Capital of Finance”, and why now?

– Stockholm already has a very strong and dynamic financial services industry, positioning itself as a natural capital of finance for northern Europe. The city is home to some of the most successful private equity managers in Europe, houses large national and global regional bank headquarters, has produced some of the world’s largest fintech companies, and is proudly the region’s largest listing home in the Nasdaq.

For us, the continued strength and vitality of this industry is key to driving development and investment across all sectors and industries – and no time is better than now, amidst financial instability and uncertainty in the world, says Peter Sandberg, Chief Growth Officer at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 

What can we expect from the initiative?

– This series will kick off with a report on the state of Stockholm as a financial capital, looking at comparable financial centers in Europe, and asking ourselves how we can create a better business environment to generate more growth. The events to follow will bring together the industry itself but also the wider business community, and dive into all aspects of Stockholm’s financial health, looking at fintech, domestic and EU regulation, and other game-changing components.  

We hope for great discussions and plenty of insight into how we can build a stronger business climate, says Fredrik Erfelt, Deputy Head of Business Policy at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 

Peter Sandberg, Chief Growth Officer, and Fredrik Erfelt, Deputy Head of Business Policy at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

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