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Capital of Tech

How did Stockholm become a unicorn factory – and what will it take to continue growing? Through our initiative ”Capital of Tech”, we will explore this question and more.

”Capital of Tech”, our brand-new series of seminars, will follow the trends and developments within Stockholm’s world-renowned tech scene. These events, held at our venue in downtown Stockholm during 2023, will both showcase the value and opportunity of a thriving tech community in the capital region.

What different scenarios do industry specialists prepare for? How do investors act in times of recession? What are the most efficient strategies to navigate challenges ahead? How can the Swedish capital support new innovation and solutions for the future?

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s overarching goal is to make the Stockholm region Europe’s number one capital. To reach that goal, we need to continue to be the capital of tech.

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Three questions on ”Capital of Tech”

Stockholm is already known as a unicorn factory, so why do we need ”Capital of Tech”?

–  Stockholm has an amazing tech scene, producing some of the world’s foremost unicorns, however the global tech industry is always evolving and we too must continue to adapt. The ambition and drive from like-minded cities around the world to push for innovation, generate capital and develop their respective tech scenes, means that we need to ensure Stockholm stays ahead of the game, says Peter Sandberg, Chief Growth Officer at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

What areas more specifically will you try to cover in these upcoming events?

–  We are hoping to take the pulse of the tech scene, how it is faring during the current financial climate, and what challenges lie ahead. In line with this, we will be launching a report that delves into the current state of the Swedish tech scene. Our aim is to explore some of the wider, more general business trends such as AI, climate change and the continued drive towards digitization – all areas where we feel the tech community can be part of the solution, says Peter Sandberg.

What can people in the Stockholm tech community expect from this initiative?

– Expect a great platform for learning, discussion and a chance to meet fellow peers, investors, and the wider business community in an informal setting, says Peter Sandberg

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