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Escrow Services

Does your company need to securely store source code, drawings, contracts, or other valuable documentation? The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce offers secure third-party storage services. Storage can be done online through e-deposit or physically. Here, you can find all the information about our storage services and how to enter into an agreement.

As an independent third party, we offer companies a secure storage service. Source codes are essential for using and developing programs and IT systems. They are typically stored with the provider (IT company). However, if the IT company ceases to exist, it could mean that the source codes become inaccessible to the buyer.

This is why the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce offers source code storage, to provide security for both the licensor and the licensee.

Information brochure about our escrow services

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Depositing protects the buyer

Escrow services cater to the interests of both the buyer (licensee) and the provider (licensor). Purchasing software and IT systems entails significant costs for companies. Data systems are often tailored to the buyer’s requirements, making the buyer highly dependent on the provider.

If something unexpected were to happen to the provider, it could severely affect the buyer. However, through the escrow service, the buyer gains protection for their investment and continued access to the source code.

Depositing the source code provides security for the provider

For the provider, depositing the source code offers protection for trade secrets and copyright over the program. When a copy of the source code is deposited with an independent third party, the provider still retains the rights to the program and can continue to commercialize and develop it.

To meet the provider’s desire to store trade secrets securely, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has chosen not to perform source code verification. This way, we ensure the licensor’s protection interests.

Model Agreement 2021

We offer a model agreement, developed in 2021, based on feedback from our clients. The agreement has been created in collaboration with some of Sweden’s leading contract lawyers.

Other services related to deposition

We also assist companies that want to deposit other types of documents, such as bidding lists, contracts, agreements, or drawings. As an independent third party, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce also attends bid openings and lottery procedures in public procurement.

The SCC e-Deposit – a digital solution for depositing source codes and other important documentation

This is SCC e-Deposit

The SCC e-Deposit platform provides the parties with a secure and efficient means of communication, depositing, and storing the material.

It is primarily through this platform that the SCC communicates with the parties to the agreement.

Each individual agreement is allocated its own workspace – a site – on the platform once the agreement has been registered with the SCC. Only the parties to the agreement are invited and have the opportunity to access the material on the specific site.

By assigning different permissions to the parties on the platform, it ensures that the licensor has the ability to deposit material, but thereafter, cannot make changes or remove what has been uploaded. Similarly, the licensee will continue to receive notifications as soon as a new deposit is uploaded, but will not be able to access the material.

Advantages of SCC e-Deposit:

  • Eliminates the need to send sensitive materials via mail or email.
  • Secure, cloud-based storage on a server within the EU.
  • All deposits in one place, easily accessible and searchable.
  • Deposited materials cannot be deleted or edited after being uploaded.
  • Complete transparency regarding who has access to the site.

Information on agreements and pricing for escrow services

How to sign agreements for e-deposit and physical deposit:

Below you will find the step-by-step instruction and all the necessary documents for signing the two different agreements. Access the guide.

Price list:

Access the price list for e-deposit and physical deposit.


What is a source code?

All programs are based on source code written in a specific programming language. Access to the source code enables a programmer, who hasn’t been involved in the original program’s development, to modify and enhance it.

Does the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s escrow service only apply to computer programs?

No, almost anything except cash can be deposited. Recipes, options, drawings, agreements, and other important documents are often deposited with us. Feel free to contact the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce before the deposit agreement is established.

How long does it take before the deposit can be made?

Normally, processing takes no more than five to ten days before the deposit can be made. This mainly depends on how extensive the changes made to the deposit agreement.

Can the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce verify the source code?

No, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has chosen not to perform verification. This way, we safeguard the licensee’s protection interests by not delving into the actual code. We recommend that source code verification takes place before the deposit is submitted for deposition with us.

What happens in case of bankruptcy?

If bankruptcy is listed as a basis for release, there is a risk that the bankruptcy trustee will oppose release if the right of use, as regulated here, is extensive (for example, exclusive).

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, due to legal uncertainty regarding the conflict between property law (the deposited copy) and the licensee’s right of use (copyright), cannot provide legal assurance that release can occur in the event of bankruptcy.

How to terminate a depository agreement?

Licensors and Licensees who wish to terminate the depository agreement should submit a signed termination notice. It is acceptable to scan and email such a document. There are no specific formal requirements for terminations, except that the current agreement number should be included.

The termination notice must be received by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce by December 31 to avoid the annual fee for the upcoming year.

Do you have questions about escrow services?

Would you like to learn more about the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s escrow service? Please contact us for more information.
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