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Pricelist for Escrow Services

The setup fee is invoiced upon signing the agreement. The annual fee is invoiced at the beginning of the year for which the fee applies and is charged for each full year that the Deposit Agreement is in effect. The update fee is invoiced when an update occurs.

The model agreement 2014 and 2021

Prices excl. VAT

Initial fee: SEK 20,000

Annual fee: SEK 15,000

Update fee: SEK 3,000

Other administration fees: from SEK 5,000

SCC e-Deposit

Initial fee: SEK 15,000

Annual fee: SEK 15,000

Extra storage fee: From SEK 1,000*

*The annual fee comprises 2 GB in storage, after which SEK 1,000 is invoiced per additional GB.

The initial fee will be invoiced in association with the signing of the agreement. The annual fee will be invoiced at the beginning of each calendar year and will continue as such for the length stated in the Escrow Agreement. 
The update fee is only invoiced in the event of an update to the Escrow Agreement. 
Any party who wish to terminate the Escrow Agreement must submit such a notice before the 31st of December in order to avoid the annual fee that will be invoiced with the start of a new calendar year.  
For Master Agreements signed before 31/11/2006, the following pricing applies: 

Annual fee: SEK 12,000 / licensee  

Update fee: SEK 3,000 
For Master Agreements signed after 31/11/2006, the following pricing applies:  

Annual fee: SEK 8,000 / licensee 
Update fee: 3,000 / licensee 

Price changes:

These fees apply, provided that the deposit is not bulky or requiring special costly storage. The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to adjust the stated prices with regard to changes in inflation and exchange rates. 

Do you have questions about Escrow Services?

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