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The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is your strategic partner when you want to make a real difference. Together, we have the power to influence and create impact in matters that are important to you and the rest of our members. With strength in numbers, our voice becomes a force for change.

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Change since 1902

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1902 and has been a constant, relevant presence ever since. Our founding purpose still holds true today, to uplift the Stockholm business community and make the region one of the best in Europe. To do this, we are active in areas such as urban development, green transition, digitisation, infrastructure, skills supply, social sustainability, and everything in between.

Why become a member?

Our community consists of socially interested companies that want to make a difference and actively work towards a stronger and better capital region.

As a member, you decide how actively you want to participate. A membership in the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce provides excellent opportunities for knowledge, inspiration, networking, collaboration, and influence. Membership with us applies to all employees in the company, allowing everyone to take advantage of our seminars, lectures, roundtable discussions, and other benefits.

FAQs about membership at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Membership is not individual but applies to all employees of the member company. As a member, you have the flexibility to choose the extent to which you would like to engage in the benefits that come with membership.

How much is the membership fee?

We welcome all types of businesses to join us – from sole proprietors to global corporations. No matter the industry your business is in, we can bring about change if we come together.

The membership fee for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is determined based on a company’s annual turnover and is paid once a year. The fee is decided on by the members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce during the annual meeting and is currently as follows:

  • Turnover between 0 and 10 million SEK: Annual fee of 7,000 SEK.
  • Turnover from 10 million up to 100 million SEK: Annual fee of 30,000 SEK.
  • Turnover from 100 million up to 1 billion SEK: Annual fee of 70,000 SEK.
  • Turnover from 1 billion up to 5 billion SEK: Annual fee of 130,000 SEK.
  • Turnover between 5 and 10 billion SEK: Annual fee of 300,000 SEK.
  • Turnover of 10 billion SEK and more: Annual fee of 350,000 SEK.

The membership fee consists of two parts: a base fee of 1,000 SEK per year and a service fee based on the company’s turnover. The base fee is the same for all members regardless of size.

Please note that the entire service fee is tax-deductible in tax declarations.

What are the membership conditions?

  • The membership year runs from the first day of the upcoming month following the registration of the membership.

    Your membership with us is continuous and is renewed every twelve months in conjunction with the payment of the invoice. We apply a 30-day payment term for membership invoices.
  • Any termination of the membership must be made at least 4 months before the end of the membership year and should be communicated in writing to
  • If you have any questions about the membership conditions, please email:, or contact our member services by phone at: +46 8–555 55 55.

How do I become a member?

  • Please start by filling out this form.
  • After submitting the form, you will be contacted by one of our membership coordinators within 24 hours. This is also an opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have about becoming a member with us.
  • Please note that an application for membership is not binding.

What discounts do I get as a member?

Members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce enjoy several attractive discounts: 

  • You receive a special discounted rate when renting our event space.
  • You can rent our fully equipped studio at a discounted rate for livestreaming events held in our event space or for recording dynamic content for your company. 
  • You receive discounts on ATA Carnet, certificates of origin, EUR.1, and all other trade documents issued by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 
  • You have the opportunity to join our exclusive networks at a discounted price. 

This is the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

• We were founded in 1902 by the Stockholm Merchant Association.

• We are an independent business organization operating on behalf of our member companies. The organization is politically non-affiliated and operates on a non-profit basis to promote a prosperous capital region.

• Our vision is to become Europe’s premier capital region, where the synergy between the city, business, and society is robust.

• The membership fee in the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is paid once a year and is based on the company’s annual turnover.

Did you know this about the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce?


Our approximately 1,300 member companies employ more than 500,000 individuals.


Every year, we organize roughly 100 events and seminars.


Upwards of 10,000 individuals visit our meeting spaces in Stockholm and Uppsala each year.

Join us on our journey towards becoming Europe’s premier capital region!

Become a member.

Camilla Nilsson

Camilla Nilsson

Sales & Member Operations Manager +46 8-555 100 24 E-mail