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SCC Arbitration Institute – Facilitating Trade Between Companies

Our goal is to ensure the smooth facilitation of trade between companies. However, sometimes contractual relationships can become entangled due to legal disputes. That’s why, since 1917, we have been offering assistance with commercial dispute resolution through the SCC Arbitration Institute, including arbitration proceedings and mediation.

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When is arbitration needed?

Arbitration is a private alternative to going to court. It offers both parties the opportunity to resolve disputes through a faster, more flexible, and entirely confidential process. Unlike a regular court judgment, an arbitration award is enforceable internationally, which is advantageous for parties from different countries. The SCC Arbitration Institute is one of the world’s largest and most recognised dispute resolution institutions, administering disputes from more than 40 countries every year.

For a dispute to be resolved with us, the agreement must contain a dispute resolution clause that refers to SCC.

Learn more about SCC’s activities and find the template for the dispute resolution clause here.

SCC Arbitration Institute in numbers


of Swedish companies prefer to resolve disputes through arbitration. (*Roschier Disputes Index)


SCC resolves approximately 200 disputes per year.


On average, it takes 3 to 12 months to resolve a dispute.

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