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We have extensive experience in issuing trade documents and helping Swedish companies enter the international market. From start to finish. When you are exporting or traveling with goods, we assist you with information, consulting, and the issuance of trade documents. Additionally, we have made it convenient for you by gathering everything in one place.

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ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet is an international customs passport for goods used for temporary export outside the EU. It is valid in nearly 60 countries and simplifies customs procedures when travelling with goods or equipment.

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By using an EUR.1 certificate when you export to a country that the EU has a free trade agreement with, your customer does not have to pay import duty.

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Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a common document used worldwide to show the origin of goods.

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International Import Certificate och Delivery Verification Certificate

Some countries require an International Import Certificate (IC) before export is allowed. Additionally, some of these countries also require a Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC) to confirm that the goods have been delivered to the intended destination country.

With an IC, the importer commits to importing goods to Sweden, and with a DVC, it is certified that the goods have indeed arrived here.

Professional Qualification Certificate

If a certain skill or ability is required to practice a profession in a member state, and someone has acquired this in another member state, a so-called Professional Qualification Certificate can be issued to certify the knowledge or ability.

Certificate of Free Sale 

If you need a Certificate of Free Sale, which is required for import to certain countries, we can issue it for specific products.

Certificate of Existence 

With a Certificate of Existence, you will receive a certificate confirming that your company has a legal existence and is registered in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act. This certificate serves as proof of your company’s legal status and registration in Sweden.

Sample Declaration Letter

For registration purposes of products, some countries require a verification letter of manufacture – a so-called Sample Declaration Letter.

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We are an NGO, the national guaranteeing organization in Sweden for the international customs passport ATA Carnet, which guarantees the document’s functionality and validity worldwide.

We are also accredited and designated by the ICC to be the nationally coordinating chamber of commerce for Certificates of Origin. All of this together gives us a unique position in a very powerful national and international network.

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