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Are you planning to travel abroad to showcase your new prototype at a trade show or present your new product to a potential international customer? Do you intend to photograph your new clothing collection in another country, or embark on an international tour with your orchestra? In that case, we recommend using an ATA Carnet.

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is an international customs document for goods used in temporary exports outside the European Union. It is valid in nearly 60 countries and simplifies the customs process. With an ATA Carnet, your journey becomes safer and easier, and we are here to assist you in case any issues arise.

Several factors determine whether an ATA Carnet is necessary. Contact us to consult if it is required in your specific case. We are more than happy to help!

Regarding ATA Carnets for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine

Currently, ATA Carnets are not issued for travel to Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine. Entry with previously issued Carnets is also discouraged.

If you currently have an active Carnet with goods temporarily imported into any of these countries, please contact us for additional information.

How to apply for an ATA Carnet

Apply digitally via TradePort.

ATA Carnets can be used for the temporary export of:

Please note that approved uses may vary in different countries. Approved uses can be found in the list of participating countries, as detailed in the annexes.

With an ATA Carnet, the customs process and border crossings become smoother, easier, and faster. Customs formalities are prepared in advance before your trip. You won’t need to complete foreign customs documents at border crossings or handle any deposits or refunds with foreign customs authorities.

An ATA Carnet is valid for one year and can be used for up to 10 trips. The Carnet should accompany the goods at all times and must be presented and stamped at each border crossing.

The cost of an ATA Carnet varies depending on factors such as the value of the goods, the number of trips, and whether you are a member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, among other things. More information can be found in the price list.

When and how to use an ATA Carnet:

In what situations should I use an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is the best solution for temporary export in situations and to countries where ATA Carnet is applicable. It can be used for the temporary export of product samples, professional equipment, or exhibition and trade fair goods.

ATA Carnet can be utilized in around sixty countries outside the EU. Within the EU, there is free movement of goods, meaning you don’t need an ATA Carnet. Before applying for an ATA Carnet, it’s essential to check if the country you intend to visit accepts Carnets and approves the product category you intend to use in the country.

Below, you can download a list of countries that accept the ATA Carnet and which countries accept which product categories.”


What are the advantages of using an ATA Carnet?

There are many advantages to using an ATA Carnet, and here are some of them listed:

  • First and foremost, it is an internationally recognized, established, and secure system.
  • Carnets are valid for one year, and you can make up to 10 trips within that year. For example, you can use it for 10 round trips to Norway or 10 trips to different countries.
  • With an ATA Carnet, you need only one document, and there is usually no need for additional paperwork during the trip. Applying for temporary export without an ATA Carnet can make other customs and border procedures feel complicated, requiring the completion of various documents in foreign languages.
  • You can avoid mingling with the regular flow of goods and can clear your goods at airports by visiting customs at the red channel in the arrivals hall. This means you don’t have to go to a different customs clearance location that may be far from the airport. With an ATA Carnet, border crossings are very quick and efficient, minimizing work time lost during clearance.
  • You also don’t have to deposit funds and then apply for the refund of customs duties and fees in the importing country.
  • You can apply for an ATA Carnet at your local Chamber of Commerce, and it will be ready in just a few days. What you pay is a predetermined cost, which is invoiced to you in Swedish Kronor.

How do I make a temporary import in situations where I cannot use an ATA Carnet?

For countries not part of the ATA Carnet system, you can instead apply for temporary import, as described below:

Before leaving Sweden:

  1. You need to submit a digital declaration to the Swedish Customs where you declare your goods for temporary export. You will also need an export certificate. Once your declaration is approved, you will receive an Export Accompanying Document (EAD) that you present at the customs office from which the export will take place.
  2. Before bringing your goods into the country you intend to visit, you must contact the customs authority of that country to declare the goods for temporary import. You may need to provide a guarantee to the foreign customs authority for the customs duties that will need to be paid if you do not re-export your goods.

Upon re-export to Sweden:

  1. Contact the foreign customs authority again and declare the goods for re-export.
  2. When the goods are back in Sweden, you need to report it to Swedish Customs. To prove that the goods have only been temporarily outside Sweden, you present the export certificate you received at the time of export from Sweden.
  3. Read more about temporary export and the procedures without an ATA Carnet at the Swedish Customs Authority website.

Price list for ATA Carnet

The costs are based on a base fee and additional fees depending on the value of the goods and the number of countries in which your ATA Carnet will be used. The price also varies based on whether the applicant is a member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce or not.

Download the price list

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ATA Carnet:

What is an ATA Carnet, and when do I need to use an ATA Carnet?

EAn ATA Carnet is an international customs document for goods used in temporary export outside the EU, specifically for product samples, professional equipment, or exhibition and trade fair goods. Please ensure that the country you intend to visit accepts all these categories. ATA Carnets are valid in nearly 60 countries.

Do we need an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is an alternative to depositing customs duties and taxes. Traveling with a Carnet streamlines the process for temporary exports from Sweden, eliminating the need for a customs declaration at borders.

If you choose to travel without an ATA Carnet, you must ascertain the temporary import procedures in the country you are visiting. This may involve the use of agents or making deposits with foreign customs authorities.

How many trips can we make with an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet can be issued and used for multiple countries and trips during its validity, provided that the goods remain the same. The maximum number of trips is 10 for a single ATA Carnet.

How quickly can we obtain an ATA Carnet?

Under regular processing, it takes three business days. The Chamber of Commerce can issue your ATA Carnet faster for an express fee.

The processing time begins on the business day after we receive your application.

How long is an ATA Carnet valid?

An ATA Carnet is valid for one year, and the goods must receive the re-import stamp in an EU country before the specified expiration date. However, a foreign customs authority may set a time limit for the re-export of your items, and it’s crucial to adhere to this time limit.

Exhibition goods typically need to be re-exported within three months after the exhibition’s conclusion. For more information, please contact your regional Chamber of Commerce.

What should we do if the customs hours do not align with our trip?

It is essential for the applicant to ensure that the customs office at each border is open upon arrival and departure. If your trip falls outside the customs office’s hours of operation, the applicant should arrange a time with the relevant office in each country.

What information does the Chamber of Commerce need to issue an ATA Carnet?

Except your company’s details and the requested travel plan, the most critical part of an ATA Carnet is the list of goods.

Do I need to specify the country of origin for each product on the list of goods?

Yes, it must be indicated for all products. Determining the origin of a product is something the applicant for the Carnet must do themselves. You can find information on how the origin of goods is determined on the Swedish Customs website.

Can I add or remove items from the list of goods after my ATA Carnet has been issued?

The Chamber of Commerce cannot add products to the list of goods after your ATA Carnet has been issued. However, you are not required to bring all items listed on the goods list, but you must inform customs at border crossings.

Can I sell some of the products specified on the list of goods?

No, a Carnet is only for temporary export to foreign countries.

What happens if the goods are stolen abroad?

In that case, you should report the incident to the police and send the police report to us when you return your ATA Carnet. Please be aware that customs may impose duties if the goods remain abroad, regardless of the reason.

What happens if I lose my ATA Carnet?

In some cases, the Chamber of Commerce can issue a replacement ATA Carnet.

Can I extend the expiration date of my ATA Carnet?

No, but sometimes a foreign customs authority may approve the issuance of a replacement Carnet, allowing you to keep the goods in a foreign country for a while longer after the expiration date.

Important link:

Customs clearance offices


Country Codes

Document of Country Codes.


Price List

Price list for ATA Carnet. Please note new information on the price list regarding processing times and express fees for ATA Carnets.

Download the price list

Countries affiliated with the ATA Carnet

List of countries affiliated with the ATA Carnet.


This is how you use an ATA Carnet

This is how you use an ATA Carnet.


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