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Chamber of Commerce Certificates and Visa Stamps

We also issue various types of Chamber of Commerce certificates and provide visa stamps for documents. When trading with many countries, your trade documents may require visa stamps. This can include commercial invoices, packing lists, and other documents. If you have questions about Chamber of Commerce certificates or visa stamps, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The following documents can be visa-stamped at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce:

The following documents can be issued by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce:

International Importcertificate (IC) and Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC)

Some countries require an International Import Certificate (IC) before granting export. Furthermore, some of these countries may also require a Delivery Verification Certificate (DVC) to confirm that the goods have actually been delivered to the intended destination country.

With an IC, the importer commits to importing goods into Sweden, and with a DVC, it is certified that the goods have indeed arrived here.

You can apply for IC and DVC through the provided link.

Professional Qualification Certificate

In cases where a specific knowledge or skill is required to practice a profession in a member state and someone has acquired this knowledge or skill in another member state, a so-called professional qualification certificate can be issued, certifying the knowledge or skill. To issue this certificate, we will require various documents from you, depending on what needs to be certified:

  1. A CV with a permanent address and other contact details (the information in the CV needs to be verified).
  2. Documents verifying your date of birth, place of birth, name, and nationality.
  3. Proof of relevant educational qualifications (e.g., degree certificates or similar documents).
  4. Extracts from authorities like the Swedish Tax Agency/Companies Registration Office if it’s a matter of your own business being certified.
  5. Work certificates from any employers to certify employment and practice in a profession.

To apply, please send an email with the required documents to and specify that you need a “professional qualification certificate” If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Certificate of Free Sale

If you need a Certificate of Free Sale, which is required for import into certain countries, we can issue it for specific products. If you are a member of the industry organization “Kosmetik- och hygienföretagen,” they can issue this certificate for products such as cosmetics, hygiene products, as well as detergents and cleaning products. However, if you are exporting the products listed below, you should instead contact the following authorities:

You can apply for Certificate of Free Sale through the provided link

Certificate of Existence

With a Certificate of Existence, you will receive a certificate confirming that your company has a legal existence and is registered in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act. This certificate serves as proof of your company’s legal status and registration in Sweden.

You can apply for Certificate of Existence through the provided link

Sample Declaration Letter

För registreringssyfte av produkter efterfrågas i vissa länder ett verifieringsbrev om tillverkning – ett så kallat “Sample Declaration Letter”. För att vi ska kunna utfärda detta intyg behöver vi ett  Certificate of Free Sale utfärdat av Läkemedelsverket, samt en Declaration of Conformity upprättad av er.

Skicka dokumenten till och uppge att ni behöver ett Sample Declaration Letter.

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