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Labinar & after work: Data science for decarbonization in cities

25 maj 2023

Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 29, 111 53 Stockholm

The Senseable Stockholm Lab (SSL) is a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the City of Stockholm, in partnership with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The SSL conducts research aimed at increasing the understanding of both the natural and built environment in cities by addressing climate, social and urban development-related challenges. 

Every six weeks, the SSL holds a closed meeting called a ”labinar,” where the research teams in Stockholm and Boston come together virtually to discuss their ongoing projects within the lab. This time, the labinar will be open to those interested in learning more about the lab’s latest research.

Join us on Thursday, May 25 from 16.30–17.30 for an evening of knowledge-sharing and discussion. Doors will open at 16, with an after work to follow the presentations where there will be an opportunity to meet the researchers and others involved in the lab. 

Featured Projects

GEMINI: Digital twin for emission monitoring and prediction – Kista case

Building a digital twin model using data, AI analytics and simulation techniques to holistically create system understanding and knowledge of emissions in Kista.

Zhenliang Ma, PhD, Assistant Professor – Mobility, KTH

Paolo Santi, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, MIT


Carbon Budgeting Including: Built Environment and Private Consumption

Addressing emissions from the built environment and private consumption as part of a city’s climate budget and how this can give a better understanding of the impact that urban activities have when trying to achieve carbon neutrality.

Oleksii Pasichnyi, PhD, Researcher, KTH

Fabio Duarte, PhD, Researcher, MIT

Paolo Santi, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, MIT

Simone Mora, PhD, Researcher, MIT

Emily Nagler

Emily Nagler

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