Nätverk Modernt Ledarskap

29 September 2021
11:30 - 13:00

Topic: Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainable Modern Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion is one of the main focus areas for many organizations nowadays. Though in reality, what do these words mean to you? What challenges do we encounter at work, and what can we do as a leader or as a colleague to increase awareness of these issues, foster inclusive culture, and further strengthen team performance? Speech will cover such issues as 1) diversity, bias in the context of brain science, psychology, 2) polyphony - some inspiration from literature & music, 3) collective intelligence, inclusion and organisational performance, among others. The workshop will combine the speaker's presentation and discussion. So you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences!

Sofia Ji-Hyun Hwang (PhD) has worked in Europe, Asia, and Russia. She has served as a manager and a senior expert in a public organization, a large multinational company, and a leading Nordic bank. In these organizations she has worked with performance management, business & strategy planning, and finance. Also, she is a course leader at an folkbildning organisation in Sweden.   

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