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Network International Women in Business

Network International Women in Business

11 juni 2021


The networking group for international women in the Stockholm area who look for an international outlook and appreciate the value of professional networking with other women!

IWIB Lunch & Learn Session on Diversity – The Devil’s Advocate

Urban Björn is the author of the book ”Business As Equals” released this past April – in Swedish, where he shares tips and advice on how to successfully drive a gender equality workplace, and get the great business potential in increased diversity and strengthen.  At a time when it is now assumed that diversity leads to more fervent and successful decisions, also thinks that the variance-based recruitment trend is worrying. Can Equity be one of the reasons for polarization? Us and them. You and us? Is it even going to be a total ’we’? Will ’we’ not always hold sub-groupings where polarization picks up? Is it not precisely the differences of sub-groupings that create the ’throaty’ conflict that leads to innovation and success? Without conflict- do we not accept stagnation? 

Perhaps the problem is not polarisation itself. According to Urban sometime we have to play ’Devil’s advocate’. And, not see the word polarization as just negative.

The meeting is held in English.

Do you want to participate? Contact leader of the network Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger

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Last day to sign up: 9 June

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