Trade Talks Canada

Trade Talks: Canada

1 juni 2023
Swedish companies have many reasons to expand to Canada. It is the world's 10th largest economy with over 37 million residents. The industry structure and business culture share many similarities with Sweden. We share values like equality, diversity, and sustainability. The common grounds open new business opportunities, synergies and collaborations within tech and innovation, among other things.

Canada has a stable economy and there are no major obstacles for foreign companies to establish themselves in Canada. Since September 2017, it has become even easier for Swedish companies to invest in Canada thanks to CETA, the free trade agreement between EU and Canada. CETA has led to the almost complete disappearance of tariffs, and it has also opened public procurement at all levels. At the same time, Canada has a lot in common with USA as a market, making it an excellent test market for North America, especially in lack of free trade agreement between EU and USA.  

Like Sweden, Canada is a resource-based country. Some of the country's largest industries are mining, water supply, forestry, energy, oil, and gas. Even the Canadian healthcare is reminiscent of Sweden's publicly funded healthcare and social support system. The fact that Canada's industry structure and business culture are similar to Sweden, makes it even more attractive as a market for export and trade. 

During this webinar, leading experts within internationalization will talk about the Canadian market and what Swedish companies should think about when looking west. 

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Vad är Trade Talks?

Trade Talks by Swedish Chambers är ett samarbete inom internationell handel på initiativ av Sveriges regionala handelskammare och består av en serie av webinars med de senaste uppdateringarna och analyserna inom internationell handel från aktuella marknader. Under webinariets gång finns möjlighet till dialog med expertis från både svenska och utländska handelskammare, marknadsexperter samt med olika företag som ger sin bild och lärdomar.

För vem?

Exporterande och importerande bolag, eller bolag som funderar på att börja arbeta på en internationell marknad.

Innan varje webinar kommer de som anmält sig att få ett mejl med länk till kommande sändning.

Johan Hetting, projektledare på Stockholms Handelskammare
Johan Hetting