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Trade Talks: France

30 maj 2024


As one of the world´s tenth largest economy, France offers vast opportunities for Swedish businesses, particularly in industries where Swedish innovation and quality are highly sought after, such as digitization, 5G technology, fiber connectivity, and energy solutions. Sweden’s trade relations with France have steadily expanded, and a number of Swedish companies and subsidiaries are already present in the French market.

France is an attractive market with a favorable investment climate, well-functioning infrastructure, and a highly skilled workforce with large investments in the tech sector. France can also serve as a gateway to parts of the French-speaking Caribbean and Africa.

French organizations often have a strict hierarchy, and the business culture and communication are usually more formal than in Sweden. The French also enjoy lively discussions and negotiating. It is important to build good relationships with French business partners, but also be aware of the cultural differences.

During this webinar, leading experts will explore business opportunities and talk about how to navigate the French market, provide insight, company cases and best practices to Swedish companies seeking to expand into France.

Information about Trade Talks

What is Trade Talks? 
Trade Talks by Swedish Chambers is a joint initiative by the regional Chambers of Commerce in Sweden. It consists of webinar series hosted by experienced experts from our chamber network worldwide. Through Trade Talks you get access to the latest updates and analysis on current markets. The webinars are built in dialogue with experts from both Swedish and foreign Chambers of Commerce, other relevant market experts, as well as companies and organizations that can provide experience and lessons learned from respective markets. You can choose to take part of the webinars live or see them digitally afterwards.

For who?
Exporting and importing companies, or companies that are considering starting to work on an international market.

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