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Webinar: Mastering an Effective Dispute Resolution Clause

27 oktober 2023


Having the right dispute arbitration clause can make a big impact in the event of needing dispute resolution. But what is the difference between common dispute arbitration clauses, and how do things like company origin affect the possibities?

Welcome to a webinar hosted by our Arbitraion Institute, SCC.

Join the SCC Arbitration Institute’s Caroline Falconer and Madeleine Thörn for a one-hour live webinar where they will share practical tips on how to negotiate a dispute resolution clause. Listen to their experiences and learn how to excel in these negotiations – reducing costs and saving time during a potential dispute resolution.

Topics covered:

Caroline Falconer, Secretary General, and Madeleine Thörn, Deputy Secretary General and Head of Operations, welcome you to this webinar!

Madeleine Thörn

Biträdande generalsekreterare, operativ chef 08-555 100 11 madeleine.t@sccarbitrationinstitute.com E-mail