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Unleash the power of coming together

Unleashed, by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, is a new annual summit created to bring together decision-makers from the wider business community, politics, and civil society-at-large. By bridging the gap between these groups, and coming together, we are hoping to collectively shape ideas, drive change, and address the many cross-border challenges and opportunities we are all facing.

The summit will take place over a full day set against a backdrop of the inspiring and tranquil nature of the Stockholm archipelago. Here, some of Sweden’s, northern Europe’s and the world’s leading innovators, creators, and change-makers from their respective fields will gather to share perspectives, insights, and forge connections that otherwise might not have been possible. We want to unleash the power of coming together.

Our theme for 2024: The Nordics and the World

Our Swedish experience witnesses of business success forged through strong and deep collaborations, between businesses themselves, between businesses and the public realm, as well as between domestic and global markets.

The complexity of an everchanging world demands constant exchange of knowledge in order to stay ahead of pressing global issues. Therefore, the theme for Unleashed 2024 is ”The Nordics and the World” and will be centered around conversations on local and international ideas of geopolitics, world order, green transition, new technology and innovation.

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