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Lise Bach Hansen

Lise Bach Hansen began her career working within TV and communication in Paris. Since then, she has worked in politics in the European Parliament in Brussels/Strasbourg. Her work has consistently focused on examining the relationship between art, politics, and democracy. For many years, she has been at the forefront of one of the largest live scenes in the Nordic region: The International Authors’ Stage at the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, a forum where people ranging from Nobel laureates to heads of state meet. She works as a curator and moderator in several Nordic contexts and sits on several boards. She is co-author of the books *Sæt Scenen* and *Arctic Imagination*.

She is one of the drivers behind a brand new Nordic initiative: NORD 55° where the cultural scene and some of the greatest players in the media world come together to create a framework for a stronger Nordic consciousness by establishing a new infrastructure for discussion and a new debate culture across national borders.

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