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Welcome to The Dinner

– an experience unlike any other.

Step into the more light-hearted end to the day featuring Nordic charm and culture at The Dinner, a highlight of Unleashed.

Picture this: an enchanting evening commencing with a cocktail reception amidst the breathtaking vistas of Stockholm’s serene archipelago at Artipelag. As twilight descends, guests are ushered into a meticulously curated dining hall, where they are treated to a gastronomic journey.

Yet, amidst anticipation, lies the allure of the unexpected. What unfolds next is a tapestry of experiences, promising enchantment at every turn.

During The Dinner, we are pleased to announce that our guests will enjoy a live performance by the twice Grammy-nominated artist and producer Augustine.

Beyond the exquisite cuisine and captivating entertainment, The Dinner beckons as a forum for connection and conversation. Here, amidst the company of visionaries and luminaries, new bonds will be forged, ideas exchanged, and memories etched.

Together, let’s embark on some new adventures.

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