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Maria Andersson

Guest lecture – International Women´s Day Breakfast

08 mars 2022

One in three women is exposed to men’s violence at some point in their lives. To create a change, we also need to break norms. Men are the ones who are responsible for most of the violence, therefore they are also the basis for change.

Even today in 2022, we treat boys and girls differently. Boys should be macho and tough, which means that they must not be vulnerable and learn humility. When they are told that they are better than girls, the gap between the sexes is created and inequality is a fact.

Men’s violence against women affects everyone. We must dare to talk about it and how we treat each other in our everyday lives, at work, at school and in the family.

As Emma Watson said in her speech at the UN.

”If not me, who?

If not now, when? ” 

Its time for a change! Lets all be a little bit like Emma in our everyday life.

Join us for this inspirational breakfast seminar to commemorate the upcoming International Women´s day and the continuous work towards a more equal world

On the 8th of march, we would like to welcome you to the International Women´s Day commemorative breakfast with key note speaker Maria Andersson – entreprenour, author and lecturer to Stockholms Handelskammare, Brunnsgatan 2.

The meeting is held in English.

Mingle, registration and serving of breakfast from 08.00.