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12 juni 2024

Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 29, 111 53 Stockholm

Starting a tech company often begins with the spark of an idea. Some founders might have had an idea for only a few years, while others have always known they wanted to be entrepreneurs. No matter how you arrive at the decision to start a company, one thing is clear: you can't launch or build your business without capital.

We are therefore excited to announce the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s next installment in the Capital of Tech series, where we will explore the different stages of raising capital for tech startups during our lunch seminar on June 12th.

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey in Pre-Seed or gearing up for a B or C round, this event is designed to provide valuable insights and networking opportunities to help you tackle the many challenges of raising capital at every stage. 

Doors will open for registration and lunch from 11:30, and the program will start at 12:00


11:30 Lunch is Served

Enjoy a lunch and network with fellow attendees.

12:00 Welcome

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, opens the event with a warm welcome and brief remarks on the importance of funding in the startup ecosystem.

12:20 Panel Discussion: Navigating Funding Stages

This diverse panel will explore the unique challenges and opportunities at each stage of funding. Moderated by Sophie Hedestad, this panel discussion features:

Teenie Fung, founder, HyperType
Stefan Granlund, Head of Growth & Impact, Danske Bank
Theodore Bergqvist, co-founder, Turbotic
Peter Carlsson, partner, Spintop Ventures

13:00 Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us! We’ll conclude the event with a summary of key takeaways and information on upcoming events.

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