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About the upcoming book ”Future of labour” from Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

“The Future of Labour”: An innovative take on what work life will look like

What will the labour market look like in the future? In their upcoming book “The Future of Labour: How Technology, Practice and Disruption Will Change the Way We Work” editors Anthony Larsson and Andreas Hatzigeorgiou of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce will deep dive into this subject. To cover different areas, there is a call out for authors and experts to contribute with insightful chapters for the book by the latest of April 21. n 

What changes should the labour landscape undertake to accommodate for global pandemics and/or large-scale disruptions, such as Covid-19? What are the factors that will affect the labour market? And are we indeed witnessing the end of the current labour landscape as we know it?

These are some questions that the upcoming book “The Future of Labour: How Technology, Practice and Disruption Will Change the Way We Work” will answer by encompassing different studies from multiple international researchers and experts in the area.

This book project will be headquartered at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, along with Anthony Larsson, research fellow and editor-in-chief, and Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and editor.

Their previous book “Metropandemic Revolution: Designing Smart and Resilient Cities for a Post-Pandemic World” (2023, Routledge) gained much attention in the academic community and has since been placed on the Amazon best sellers ranking list in multiple categories.

About “The Future of Labour”

• Covers the impact, change and development of the future landscape of labour in a multidisciplinary context that reaches beyond the mere technical aspects associated with digitalization.

• Discusses what ramifications large-scale disruptions, such as global pandemics, may have on the future landscapes of labour.

• Provides profound insight from field experts on contemporary societal labour functions and the impact brought forth by the changing landscape of labour.

• Combines lessons learned from historical transformations with possibilities offered by future technology and strategies.

Experts on the labour market will contribute

The enlisted authors for the upcoming anthology “The Future of Labour: How Technology, Practice and Disruption Will Change the Way We Work” will be recruited from across various disciplines and institutions, based on their competence and experience in each specific field.

”We will aim for authors with a blend of different areas of competence relevant to the premise of this study, along with established names in the field and a few “rising stars” who have demonstrated prior proficiency in their respective topic.”

Anthony Larsson

Research fellow at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and editor-in-chief of “The Future of Labour”

Through a series of different studies, the aim of the anthology is to investigate the factors that are driving the future landscape of labour. What are the future labour market trends and future jobs in demand? Will AI and machine learning put future jobs at risk? What will gig economy jobs look like in the future?

Through contributions from experts the anthology will show how relevant stakeholders, such as academics, researchers, policymakers as well as employers and employees may need to adapt to the changing dynamics.

”This book seeks to provide an innovative, thought-provoking, enriching, and controversial take on the future labour landscape at large through various impacts such as societal and technological developments, in a way that is not covered by extant literature on the market. It has the potential to provide decision-makers with insights and lessons on how to design and implement policies to promote resilience and preparedness for the future labour landscape, and by doing so, simultaneously enhance the prospects for sustainable growth, innovation, and development.”

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou

CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and editor of “The Future of Labour”

Call for chapters: Contribute to “The Future of Labour”

• Prospective authors, chiefly senior academics, industry experts or contributors with comparable relevant insights and experiences, are invited to submit their proposals.

• Please share an abbreviated chapter proposal of 200 to 300 words by using the link below. Specify what area you wish to cover, what type or nature of study you wish to conduct, and your qualifications in addressing your proposed subject.

• Each full chapter should encompass around 7 to 20 printable book pages, excluding references. This translates to approximately a total of 6,500 to 11,000 words per chapter, excluding footnotes and the bibliography at the end of the chapter.

• Upon acceptance, you will be requested to submit an expanded chapter proposal of 1,000 to 2,000 words clearly explaining the mission and concerns of your proposed chapter in greater detail.

• Accepted contributors will receive an honorarium of SEK10,000 (≈US$ 992.5) per chapter upon full and satisfactory completion of their contribution.

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Download Call for Book Chapter Proposals for ”The Future of Labour: How Disruption, Technology and Practice Will Change the Way We Work”


“The Future of Labour” is part of the “What’s Next” series

“The Future of Labour: How Technology, Practice and Disruption Will Change the Way We Work” will be published by Routledge with a tentative 2024 release date. Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences, and is a subdivision and imprint of Taylor & Francis.

“The Future of Labour: How Technology, Practice and Disruption Will Change the Way We Work” is part of The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s “What’s Next” series, an initiative consisting of reports, seminars, debates, and publications that seek to explore, analyze, and address the future of work and the developments of the labour landscape of tomorrow.

What’s Next

What’s Next is the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s series of reports on trends and changes in the city.