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Capital of Tech Goes Breakfast: Tech Trailblazers

11 december 2024

Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm

Over the past year the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has created a unique platform which seeks to strengthen and uplift the tech scene in Stockholm and Sweden. Through various events large and small, we have brought together talented individuals so that they can share their experiences in building and growing innovative companies with each other and the wider business community.

This fall as part of Capital of Tech we are launching a new breakfast series: “Tech Trailblazers”, where each session will feature an influential tech entrepreneur who will have the opportunity to share their experiences and wisdom on a more personal level. Through these exclusive breakfast sessions, we hope to provide a unique perspective into what it means to be a leader in the tech community and inspire founders at any stage in their journey.


Speaker to be announced.

This event is by invitation only.

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Capital of Tech

How did Stockholm become a unicorn factory – and what will it take to continue growing? Through our initiative ”Capital of Tech”, we explore this question and more.