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Capital of Tech: Level Up Stockholm

20 november 2024

Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm

This fall marks a return to Stockholm for the world’s largest gaming festival Dreamhack, where the city hopes to cement its status as a global gaming hub. The event promises to be a major highlight of the year that will attract hardcore enthusiasts and newcomers alike from across Europe and beyond. With the Swedish gaming industry in the spotlight, we aim to dig deeper into what has led to this rise and how the wider business and tech community can learn from its ongoing success.

More people than ever before work in the gaming industry, some 8,500 employees across Sweden’s 939 companies today make up the EUR 3.1 billion sector. In just a year revenue and talent have increased by 13% and 6% respectively and both are set to continue to grow. What does this continued success for the Swedish gaming industry mean? Can we use it as a catalyst for more tech and innovation? And how does it attract talent where other sectors struggle?
Through our unique platform, Capital of Tech, we will explore these questions and more during an exclusive dinner where key voices from within and outside the industry will discuss what we can do to continue to strengthen the sector and how its development will be crucial to level up Stockholm.


Speaker to be announced.

This event is by invitation only.

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Emily Nagler

Emily Nagler

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Capital of Tech

How did Stockholm become a unicorn factory – and what will it take to continue growing? Through our initiative ”Capital of Tech”, we explore this question and more.