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21 november 2023

Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm

Stockholm – Leading or lagging the race?

Artificial Intelligence is a term that's been on everyone's lips, and it gained even more attention with the launch of Chat GPT in March. This has led to discussions and excitement about AI potentially changing our lives – and business models - in profound ways.

Is AI our savior, bringing about amazing advancements and efficiencies, or will it more likely become a source of problems and conflict if not managed properly? How can businesses tap into the incredible potential of AI to generate innovation for their enterprises? Businesses are actively recruiting AI experts, but the question remains: What exactly will these experts be working on?

As business leaders, understanding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on businesses is essential in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. In this seminar, we will explore the transformative potential of AI, uncovering how it can revolutionize operations, drive innovation, and enhance decision-making, but also dive into the many complexities and regulatory and ethical challenges faced by this technology. Join the conversation alongside exciting scale-ups, established corporates and other industry stakeholders.

Together, we’ll explore Stockholm and Sweden’s potential and what steps we need to take if we want to lead in the AI race (or do we?).

This event is a part of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s tech series “Capital of Tech” aimed at both showcasing the value and opportunity of a thriving tech community and to help facilitate a stronger ecosystem in the capital region. How did Stockholm become a unicorn factory – and what will it take to continue growing? 


15.00 Registration and coffee 
Meet your industry peers, the wider business community and investors in the space. 

15.30 Introduction 
”AI & Stockholm” with Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. 

15.35 Panel discussion: AI Tactics 
How can businesses accelerate growth with AI tactics here and now? 

Evelina Anttila, Managing Partner, Wellstreet 
Anna Felländer, Founder & President, anch.AI 
Per Fredriksson, Solution Engineering, Salesforce 
Henrik Bergström, Managing Partner, Osborne Clarke

16.05 Maximizing the value and minimizing the risk of Gen AI 
with Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner, EY

16.20 Panel discussion: AI & Stockholm  
Do we have the right competence in our city? 
What can we do to level up AI competence and starting businesses within AI/Tech?  

Anders Arpteg, Director of Data Science, The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) 
Veronica Rörsgård, CEO, Lernia 
Alexander Westerdahl, HR, Spotify 
Aalok Mehta, Former Lead, U.S. Public Policy, Open AI

16.50 After Work and Mingle

In partnership with:

Capital of Tech

How did Stockholm become a unicorn factory – and what will it take to continue growing? Through our new initiative ”Capital of Tech”, we will explore this question and more.

David Ejnar

David Ejnar

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